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                                     Meet India's five-year-old 'Picasso'

Shorya Mahanot is only five-year-old but with his careless splashes of colour and strokes he has made many jaw-dropping paintings. The little genius even managed to impress renowned cartoonist RK Laxman, who gifted him an autographed brush. Inspired by his artist father and elder sisters, Shorya took to colours and wielded his first brush when he was just three-year-old. "One day my wife posted a painting on Facebook saying Shorya has made a good, abstract painting. I was in Mumbai at that time. I asked her if it was really made by Shorya and she said yes, of course. We then thought we should give Shorya more canvasses to paint," said Shorya's father, Aditya Singh Mahanot

When he was invited by RK Laxman's daughter Usha, he created a little masterpiece for him too. The cartoonist, who made India smile with his satire, wit and caricature, was spell-bound by Shorya's talent. "On behalf of my dad, I can say this kid has got talent and has a long way to go," said RK Laxman's daughter. The child artist, with a hundred paintings in his satchel, has made his family very proud. "An artist maintains a signature style in all his paintings but for a child to keep a signature style is very difficult," said Shorya's father. With a supportive family by his side and a canvas of dreams, Shorya has his own landscape to fill.

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